Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

A few pointers you may need to google if your not old enought to remember:

1 The summer of 1984, Africa had the first of their many droughts that made the news. Children were dying and crops were in very short supply.
2 Christmas 84, Bob Geldof, Mige Ure and a huge host of rock stars record ” Do they know its Christmas” all money going to help the starving in Africa.
3 Paul Hardcastle records a record called N N N Nineteen. Its about the age of most American soliders sent to the Vietnam war.
4 Summer of 85, the first Live Aid in London.
5 Bruce Springstein is BIG!!!!

After the little hairgate incident, I was homeless, again, and moved into a very stylish NOT bedsit! Marc Almond pend a very nice little number about bedsit land. Again you may need to google that?

My hair was slowly growing back and being in the North was not the rosey life I imagined. Work was dull and so was my social life. My social crowd from Manchester were talking about heading down South for the summer season and then with the profits bugger off to Thailand for the winter. Now that sounded perfect so with pen and paper in hand, letters were written to hotels in the town of Newquay. Why Newquay I hear you say? Well, its a bloody long way from Manchester and all my mates were heading there.

I finally got an offer off a hotel to work as a chamber maid! Accomodation was provided, all meals and pay at the end of the week. Seemed ok to me so with what little money I had to my name, caught a bus and waves the North goodbye!!!!

Now here I was heading into the great unknown with a very romantic notion of what the summer may hold!

Back then the roads were a great deal smaller, not as many motorways and cramped stuffy buses. I think I aged about 10 years on that bus ride it took that long. Ok, small lie but I was on the bloody thing for hours!

When the bus finally rolled into Newquay it was lovely. Hotels, shops, sea fronts and whats that big yellow thing in the blue sky???? SUN,SUN, SUN.

Now I believe the hotel had lied a little about the state of the building but what do I care?  Room, food and money all in the sunshine.

Greeted by what can only be described as the Adams Family who ran the hotel. A family business was no lie. They were all there from Great Grans to babies! I was to share a room in the Grannies house around the corner with another girl. When I was taken to the house a list of do’s and don’ts were issued!  Oh please, do you think I was going to abide by thoses???????

I was introduced to Yvette, a brummy with a thick accent and huge boobies. She was to be my new room mate and we hit it off instantly. In total there were 6 girls in the upper part of the house. All working for the Adams Family.

In all the months I was in those digs, never a cross word was said by any of the girls but we did get very good at being crafty smuggling blokes in and out at all hours of the day and night. There was one incident we nearly got caught but we ended up throwing a guy in the shower with one of the girls to hide him. Imagine St Trinians for older girls!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

Work was back breaking and I hated makin beds but it was all worth it for the fun after hours. Newquay in those days was smaller than now and true surfers in VW camper vans headed there each year. Boy, those guys were hot but then the surfer girls in tow were too so us hotel harlets were off limits!

Didn’t stop the fun though, we made friends with the guys working the bars and clubs and being season workers, drinks and club entry was free.

I did try my hand at surfing but picture the scene! Goth pale chick, slightly shorter mohawk trying to surf? Comical, also for anyone who’s surfed before, the rope attached to the board to you ankle or wrist will always come back and hit you on some part of your body when you fall off! It always came back and hit me in the face so I gave that idea up as a bad one!

The Sailors Arms on the main high street was our hangout and then off to Tall Trees club for late night drinking and fun. Skinny dipping was a favourite with holiday makers after the club and  season workers would often steal their clothes for a giggle. How many naked and slightly scared holiday makers we saw was unreal.

Now being a goth chick with a mohawk, I stood out from most people. There was an American airbase close by called St Mawgans and the airboys often came to town for R&R. Most Yanks had never seen a goth before  and I played that to my advantage by charging them money to have their picture taken with me! Cheeky I know but a girl has to earn a living! 🙂  I hate to think how many pictures ended up being sent to their Mom’s in the States?

In the June I was 19 years old and guess what was written on all my cards????????? N N N Nineteen, bloody original eh!!

It was also the live aid concert and big screens were everywhere.  Newquay came to a stand still that day with bodies everywhere glued to watching Bob Geldof and crew raise money for starving kids.

Born in the USA, Bruce Springstein played everywhere. How I hate that track. Stick pins in my ears!

A whole summer in Newquay may sound great but trust me working long hours, little sleep and huge amounts of alcohol takes its toll! Yuck!

By the end of July we were all ready to pack it in but guess what? ??????? No one had any money to beggar off to Thailand. Yvette got ill and ended up in a hospital in Redruth and I had to go cap in hand begging my family to let me return! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO back up North I headed with tail between my legs.

Dad gloated and I had to try and reform! I ended up as a waitress in a resturant where it was run by the SS but as luck would have it, I met a couple of gay chefs who would lead me into more adventures away from the North. 🙂

Years later I lived in Cornwall and went to Newquay often but that’s for the future blogs.

Good job I never got the money together for Thailand because I forgot one small factor???’ Passport! I didn’t have one 🙂


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