London Town

Stepping off the train at Euston, case in hand, about to start another adventure. Bring it on London, I am ready.

Digs were the YWCA in central London, close to Soho and cheap at £9.00 per night. It was a six women dorm and seemed clean and ok when I checked in but the fun was to happen later when I got off shift. Check in was every morning before 9am to ensure you had a bed?

Bill Stickers on Greek Street Soho was the Ivy of its day and boy was it special inside. No expense spared on deco? As you walk in the front door, to your left is a 40 foot bar, deck out in Zebra print. As you look directly ahead, a Pegasus horse flew out of the wall. Look up and the Manhattan sky line is looking down at you. Walk past all this and up to the next level where a 20 foot glass table graced the center of the room with 30 throne chairs. Rumour was this table belonged to Marilyn Monroe?? Next level was in the gods and it was as opulent as the rest with a deep red theme running through it. Kitchen was in the basement and that’s where I found Martin and Gary prepping for the night. Staff changing was out the back up yet another set of bloody steps to a few rooms to store uniforms, bags etc.

Uniform for everyone was toy soldier red and black, big  crome buttoned jacket, black pants and black apron. This I looked good in, better than the sack dress from last place. The bar and waiting on staff all seemd to be out of work actors, dancers, singers and from every big city in the world. New York, Paris you name it. I seemed to be the only actual person who was a regular waitress with no other career. Door host was a beautiful blonde American called Robyn, hit it off straight away. I was given a section working along side Galen Martinez, stunning gay boy from California. He was too hot for his own good and far too gay.

First shift went well, no major dramas but what i found amazing was the amount of tips you got??? Night one, £120.00 just in tips alone, bloody hell I was minted. No celebs came in that night but will reveal more later.

Shift ends, all sections are clear and ready for tomorrow, kitchen clean, so Martin, Gary and I head out to have a drink before heading off. Its gotta be 2am by the time I get back to the YWCA, in I stroll, key in the dorm door, swing door open, flick on the main light to hear 5  women scream, TURN OFF THE FU**ING LIGHT! SHIT, light goes off quick sharpe and I have to navigate in the dark to find the bed, wardrobe which is locked with a padlock and not piss off my fellow campers!  

Turned out the 5 others that night were ladies of the night working Soho’s finest establishments. Every night after that was a host of new hookers, all with voices like foghorns, swearing like a docker and not to be woken at any cost. Next day I purchased a small torch, made sure my bed was next to the door and crawled in like a mouse at the end of my shift.

In total I stayed at the YWCA for about two weeks before it got too much and I had to get the hell away from these lovely ladies. Some of them were lovely but also working in Soho, if I passed one of them working the door, on my way to work, I got dragged into their gaff, sat on a sticky plastic chair (easier to wipe down),  given a glass of cheap bubbly while we caught up on gossip and then hit on by a gent punter!!!!!! Do I look like a hooker?????? Keep your answers to yourself 🙂 

Having worked a couple of weeks and getting good tips,  I could rent a room but my new gay boy friend Galen came up with a better idea????

Share his flat in Elephant and Castle. What he forgot to mention was it was officially a squat on the Rockingham Estate with half the United Nations living there. In total, two Brazillians guys, one Japanese woman, one American, Galen, one very nasty Scots man and now the lass from Lancashire.
Lovely ………. 🙂 


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