Living it LARGE in London

Bill Stickers was a hive for the rich and famous and the money flowed like water. Customers were everyone from your yuppie business man to rock stars. People booked tables weeks in advance and paps waited like tigers ready to strike outside on the road to get a picture of who was the latest celeb leaving and arriving!

Being staff meant I was privvy to the goings on inside and we were told to keep silent about events that may take place. Within weeks of arriving we had a VIP party for the group Cameo. Google the group, red cod piece, word up! Galen and I had a night off but being noisey buggers, nothing was going to keep us away. Walking past the waiting crowds and paps we enter into the bar to see a sea of famous faces. Being that we worked there no door were closed to us so we head to the VIP section and help ourselves to the finest of champagne and mingle with the famous. Paps were kept out but we had one press guy who was allowed in and he was keen to get to know us?

Duran Duran were at their hay day then and Simon Le Bon was newly married to Yasmin, now she was and still is a stunning creature.! Robyn the American was working behind the bar that night and being bi-curious made a bee line for Yasmin. Simon took great exception to this and ended up ushering Yasmin to another part of the room. Back then you could smoke in public, it looked like a scene from an old black and white movie, all the smoke and beautiful people of the day.

My experience of drugs at that part of my life was limited and I noticed everyone was smoking very smelly cigs and getting all misty eyed and loving! Yep, wackie backie. Derr, I had to be told about that????

Now our pap friend comes over to Robyn and I and mentions, Mrs Le Bon seems a little wobbly on her feet and Simons doing his best to look cool and interesting!!!  Not too sure how it happened but Mr and Mrs Le Bon move to the bar, spliff in hands and start snogging like two teenagers! Robyn and I notice pap man aiming a camera so we jump on top of the bar and just as the camera clicks, flash a boob shot!!!!!!!

I was told that picture made the newspapers but back then I wasn’t interested, all I wanted was a good time and free champagne.

There were many good parties at Bill Stickers, Frankie goes to Hollywood had their album launch there, Guns and Roses drank techilla off naked bodies on the big glass table and my favourite was Princess Margaret drinking gin with gawgus gay boys,,,!

Some celebs were generous with their cash apart from one, fish from Marrillon! Tight fisted scott!!

Spandow Ballet came in with familes and friends and I was asked to wait on them on the big glass table. Charming the lot of them and very generous with the tips but one of the wives decided to drink too much and ended getting spanked on the bear ass over the table!!! NICE.

Martin and Gary missed all the fun stuck in the kitchen but sometimes parties ended up spilling into their domain so not all bad.

One time we had some royal event on and to mark the occasion a lookalike queen was hired to stand on the door and welcome guests. Not being privvy to this information, coming out of the staff room to start shift, walk down the stairs to be met half way by what I thought was queenie???? Not knowing exactly what to do, I start to curtsey and bow while trying to get past her on a small staircase!!! Bastards, all I can hear is roaring laughter from the rest of the staff as I nearly break my neck getting past her! 🙂 

After hours were great, here we were young, free, plenty of cash in hand and all the capital to play in. Having so many dancers, actors etc on the staff gave us access to places no mortal man could get into. One night Galen and I meet a famous director who is staying at the Ritz for a night in the penthouse?  Being cheeky we get an invite to spend the night and the Ritz had more class than a squat in Elephant and Castle 🙂  Crystal in hand we head into the front door of the Ritz, doorman giving us the eye and we procced up to the top floor penthouse. Now at first I thought this bloke was kidding but no, there we are in a plush room. Now heres where the fun begins, we have drunk far more that expected and we all do the yawny sleep dance with your arms. Spying only one bed, Galen and I jump into the middle and cosy up for a sleep? Director man has other ideas?????

Wandering hands syndrome happens and I get Galen to swap places with me and seeing that Director man is more into women that men, Mr Sandmans not far behind!!! 🙂

Morning arrives and both Galen and I wake, look at each other, check out to see if Mr Directors there, nope he’s fled already. Panic sets in, did the bill get paid and if not its down to us? With no money to our names, we check out whats takeable, well, we have to prove we stayed there. Bolt down the back stairs, through a back fire escape and laugh our way back to Bill Stickers with loot in hand.

London had a huge gay scene then and no word of AIDS. Heaven was a gay club that catered for eveyone, banging tunes, several floors of dance music, including fetish, gay, disco and straight! Toilets were mixed and you saw every kind of person the capital had to offer.

Life was good, money was plentyful but one thing letting it down was living in a squat! Don’t get me wrong, free accomodation, heat and water but living in a gaff with several others, no windows just wood and having fallen in love with Galen and not being able to turn him straight, its time to move out?  Why do women think they can turn a gay man straight?

Martin and Gary tell me about a room to rent in Kensington.. going up in the world, that will do me?:-)

I’am sharing with a European lady who likes naked pictures of herself all over the apartment, not a bad figure but had seen better days. My room was cosy and warm but I swear the bed was made up of a thousand matresses piled on top of each other. Give me a ladder to get into bed everynight and i needed oxygen when I finally got there!

2nd marriage proposal  !!!!

Galen is now begging me to marry him and move back to the squat! What’s this I hear you cry???? Nope, his visa has run out and he needs to stay in the country. Back then I attended lots of arranged marriages to keep people in the country but now it was my turn! Giddy at the thought of being Mrs Martinez and the 2k payoff, wedding plans were arranged. Wedding deed at Marylbone followed by wedding breakfast at Hard Rock Cafe!! Having moved back to the squat to look like we actually live together and look authentic, a week before the wedding, a knock at the door, standing there is a beautiful Italian chick asking for Galen???? WTF!

Turns out,  said Italian chick is already Galens wife from Italy and now she needs a divorce to marry for real love.  Awkward!! Galen is in no position to grant a divorce or get back to Italy to make the plans so without a word, he flees in the night, hops on a plane back to the States, never to be heard from again!!!

BASTARD!!!!!! Where’s my two grand?????



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