Keep your peepers open more to come?

Sorry for the lack of blogs just lately, been a busy bee but more to come?
Chapters to read about:

Hedonistic London.

One train ticket, long stockings and a cat in a box!

Ritzy days and a male model!

All the nice girls love a sailor 🙂 🙂 🙂  whit whoo !!!!


A port with every sailor?

Being a door woman.

Fetish! Wink wink!!!

Ark royal, the finest in the fleet.

End of that life?

Hello pin ups and burlesque.

Pat the dog, oh why oh why is my life just like Bridget Jones?????

Alter ego Doris?????

Oh no, I am officially 40?

Bikers and biker rally’s , the real deal?

Swingers, fetish and dungeons, how it really is?

Pink haired ladies and the great port of Pompie/limos/shuffle of shame/Germans/bushes/kissy kat klub and passing the touch to DD.



Marrakesh, now this is an adventure in the future.

Stayed tuned for more fun and thrills than a ride on a roller coaster 🙂


Nikki Willow xxxxx


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