Boomerang for the last time!

Stepping off the train in Manchester Piccadilly, broken hearted, homeless and having to grovel yet again to the parents, I have finally hit rock bottom!

Aged 21, this should be the time of my life right??? Wrong!!!

After being back under the rule of the SS parents, my feet are itching to get out but with no where to go and no job, its proving a little difficult.

Cue advert for bar staff at the Ritzy nightclub, having worked at the Camden Palace, its a sure thing and I start the next phase of my life.

This is now the era of acid house, Techno and hit man and her!!!!! The Ritzy had been through many names including Cinderella Rocker fella’s   and now owned by the Rank company, work was easy and in supply.

If you work in bars now your lucky to be given a free T shirt advertising a product to wear but back then it was male dominated and they liked the female bar staff to wear as little as possible, showing as much as possible. I cringe now looking back at the fashion disasters they called uniform’s. One that springs to mind is a bright Barbie pink polyester shirt, just covering you ass with slits up both sides and a huge triangle cut out of the back! NICE. Thank the gods I was young and slightly more firm of buttock than now!!! 🙂

The other down side to said outfits was not to stand too close to a naked flame or use a hot iron???

After all the excitement of London and that it was a city that never slept, it was hard to adjust being back in the North with no after work breakfast bars or after time drinking places to go and unwind! Also the lack of extra tips, or should I say that there were no tips, money was tight.

The pop stars of the day were Kylie, Jason Donovan, most of the cast of neighbours, Bross and I remember a very good looking model who became a singer after stripping his levi’s off in a advert!  The Ritzy was part of the chain of night clubs that got the rights to host, film and show Hit man and her! At the time it was all the rage and screened after the clubs shut so you could go home and watch it after clubbing. Looking back now it was a pile of shite and more hassle than it was worth!

Kylie was a little doll that needed mothering, Jason off his tits on drugs, Bross were like naughty school boys with an attitude of ” look at us, look at us” , as for model boy, I think his name was NIck something or other, his ego was bigger than the entire club. What a Diva!

My baby brother got a chance to be filmed on stage dancing with his mate, don’t ask me how he got that gig but he was as proud as punch with his red Michael Jackson esk leather jacket and  curtain long hair! 🙂 

At the Ritzy was where I got to work with Mr Male Model (MM), beautiful 6 foot 5, toned, dark haired and a very shy! MM was to become a big part of my life and mend my poor broken heart!  Wasn’t long before he helped me escape for the final time, my SS parents.

MM and I managed to rent a place and for four and a half years we were in love but as I wanted to maybe get married and maybe have kids, this was where we didn’t see eye to eye! MM was on his way to making it in his career and he did years later but cracks started to show and as I wasn’t getting any younger it was time to move on. Also his idea of taking me out was a trip to the gym and while I did have a cracking body at that time, being given a sit up board for my 25th birthday was really taking the piss! Nearly wrapped the bloody thing around his neck!

Men, a few tips here, never oh never buy a gift like that or an iron, ironing board or any white goods. Trust me you won’t be in the good books and we women never forget and get you back in other ways! You have been warned 🙂

Moving on from MM was hard but what life or karma was to give me next was to make me the person I am today and I will always be truely grateful for this?



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