Madam butterfly

While being a beautiful opera and adored by millions,  here is my synopsis with a hint of jack speak (royal navy talk)  for those who are thinking of seeing it:

Jolly jack tar (officer and gentlemen no less), on board Abrahim Lincoln pulls along side in Japan. While on a run a shore,  officer Pinkerton meets a 15 year old meiko (geisha). Thinks way hey, gets hitched promides her the world and then deploys back to the USA.

What officer P doesn’t know is new bride is up the duff and gives birth to a blonde boy!

Years later, 3 to be exact, officer P heads back to Japan with new American wife in tow!

Is told at port side, oh by the way, your geisha wife gave birth and is waiting for you at your old gaff?

With new wife in tow heads off to old gaff, demands kid and geisha obeys his wishes and tops herself!

My personal moral of this tail, all sailors have a girl in every port, according to them “what goes on on tour, stays on tour” and ladies don’t be so gullible. 

Oh and no bloke is worth topping yourself for.

Apart from that a great opera. Go see it.