Spanx alot.

20th April 2013, been back from Japan one week and I have not stopped eating? It was ok to eat like this in Japan as I was walking a great deal but being back in Blighty, I am now sat on my getting LARGER behind.

Its become so bad I went out and bought Spanx under ware…….. I also took drastic action and had my hair cut, well it was down to my waist and far to long and heavy to do anything with it, Big mistake I have made is having my fringe cut WAY too short. Now I resemble Dave Hill from the group Slade from the 70’s, big hit only at Christmas, yep I look like that…. Oh well it will grow back. Oh and no, I won’t be posting any piccys of said fringe thank you.

Now as some of you know from reading my blog, I am menopausal and one of the side effects is weight gain in the belly area. A few years back, I had a very tidy figure and proud to show it off in my adventures as a burlesque belle but now I resemble more of Mrs Michelin with a kiddy’s swimming rubber ring minus the duck head for a belly. Its my own fault as well for not hitting the gym and also being fond of a drinkey pooh at the end of a day. So tomorrow being a new week and there being an offer on at the gym across from my work I will be getting myself and my excess fat back into the gym, trying not to eat too much and also cutting down on the old Vino collapsoooo. I will let you know how I get on as the weeks go by but won’t report on any weight loss as I am a firm believer in not weighing myself, as its far too depressing….. Will judge progress by my clothes.

Back to Spanx, its function is to slim down your waist, firm up buttocks and thighs and overall make you look thinner in all the right places but for me it’s just made it all smooth and more like a balloon effect than Marilyn Monroe. As I have gotten this big again, its time I took action and got slimmer. I have battled with my weight since being a little girl and have gone from a size 10 to size 18/20 over the years but now in my later life, want to get back to a comfy size 12 again. I certainly don’t want to be fat at 50, more like fabulous at 50……….

For now, I will wear my new spanx purchases until I am smaller, fitter and firmer but feel grateful for not having a man in my life.. Can you imagine the surprise these days for men, what with all the false eyelashes, chicken fillets, and suck it in push it out spanx????? What must they think when getting a lady naked unless they are wearing male spanx and then its a surprise for both parties …………….



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