Once upon a time……………………


Let me introduce you? This handsome guy was Mr Richard David  Salt,  Aka Sam Salt. my hubby, best friend, man who gave me my name, sanity and the greatest love a girl could get?

For now I will jump a head in time to 28th January 2005, 8.30pm on a Friday night, my darling Sam took his last breath and died in my arms after a very quick battle with cancer. He was just 32 and the bravest man I have ever met?

We met on a very cold November night in a night club in Bolton and three days later agreed to marry each other…… He was serving as a chef in the Royal Navy and the remaining years we had together were the best..

I became a Navy wife and moved away from the North to the South and found my real self. With Sam, I never had to be anything other than me  and he never asked any thing of me apart from my love and loyalty.

When I say we met in a night club now this is true but to this day, I still can’t tell you how we met or who spoke first?…… I was out with a male friend and should have been in another town and Sam was on a ships run a shore very drunk minus his glasses and not in the mood to be in a club with a bunch of sailors.  All I do remember is being on the dance floor with this handsome young man and then spending the entire night with him before driving him back to his ship in Liverpool. From that moment on the dance floor there was a Sam and Nikki…

They say you sometimes never meet your true love but for me, I  had not only met my soul mate but my best friend all rolled into one.  There isn’t a day goes by in the 8 and half years since Sam left this earth, that I don’t think about him and even now he travels with me on all my journeys and see’s the world with me. When he was at sea, he use to say ” I see everything for you with my eyes” and now his ashes travel with me and I leave him in all the lovely places I visit. Some may say its weird that his ashes have a shrine in my bedroom but for me as a Buddhist, its a very normal thing.

What made Sam so special? Well, he was the gayest straight guy I ever knew lol……. but seriously, he was a one in a million, must have been to not only marry me but put up with my antics. Even join in now and again.

Between us we travelled the world, I became a ships stalker, always turning up port side and dragging the boys from the mess off drinking!!!! Bad Miss Salt.

In the 12 years we had together, we only argued twice and never really lived together so every time we were in each others company, it was like a honeymoon.

My darling Sam is now on a very high pedestal, Peter Pan like and a legend in my eyes and memories. Don’t get me wrong, he did do things that I disagreed with but as of now they are far distant memory.  

I am grateful for my time with him, even short as it was, as its set me up to become a better and more peaceful person, and my life, and that of friends who knew him, have been enriched  from just knowing him.

Where ever he is now and whatever form he is taking, I hope he is giving as much love to the people around him as he gave to me.

There are many more tails to be told about our life together but that’s a few blogs for another time?

I raise my glass to Mr Sam Salt and thank him with all that I am for making me the women I am today.

Love you Sam Salt and always will. You were the other half of a circle that made me whole. ….. You were my mirror…….



2 thoughts on “Once upon a time……………………

  1. It really tugged at my heart strings when I read you were the other part of his circle,just taking a deep breath/deep sigh and am really for you and those special memories you cherish xx

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