Is this my 7th Gin and Tonic?


Darling Dottie (DD) and I have been best friends for a great few years. As my bessie mate we have been though a great deal of sad times and fun times together and about to embark on another adventure next week to one of our favourite haunts, Portsmouth. Watch out sailor boys, the gals are back in town….

DD is a twin set and pearl gal and one who has my back at all times. Over the years, I have been the miscievous one in our relationship but now I have passed my mantle to her and she is running with it very nicely………

I would be lost without my rock aka DD and there are many adventures that can be told and some that can’t??……… 

To spare DD any blushes and embarrassment, I will run by her my thoughts for blogs about our journeys and get back to you on them?

For now, we will start packing our cases in readiness of our trip to Pompy next week and will report back on our antics as and when they happen?

As DD once asked, ” is this my 7th gin and tonic” and my reply, ” I have only just arrived, no idea”???…….

Love ya DD and roll on next weekend for another adventure and whoo whooing at sailors, soldiers and men in uniforms………………..

Bring it on……..


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