#islandlife 2015

It’s been a while since my last blog and so much has happened! 

Firstly I sold Chez Willow moved to Manor Blue,  an apartment in an old school house dated to 1840! Jacked in work ( which i hated with a passion) and with the profits from said move, decided to put my life times dream into reality!

So, here I sit on the Island of Koh Samui for the first of my long term visits. As of Monday, I start to volunteer as a English Teacher for under privileged children in a local school. 
My life has been gearing up to this moment and now I am a few days away of achieving a goal? Who knows, I may suck at it but better to have tried and failed, than not at all???

My bff Darling Dottie is here for a touch of R&R for a week. It’s great to have her here as I do miss all my friends back home. Oh and boy she needs the rest! 

I do appreciate that there are people out there jealous of my actions but my answer is; follow your hearts desire and dreams may come true?

Roll on Monday,  in a few years there maybe Thai people talking English in a Lancashire Accent????


So for right now, as I sit here by a beautiful pool in the warm heat of Thailand,  live without regrets, follow your dreams and do what makes you happy? We are a long time dead!


More to follow….. watch this blog…..