Welcome to the Bunny Palace of Buckinghamshire, or as it should be called, House of Gals!

Been a while since I last wrote a blog, 8 months to be precise!

Thailand has been and gone, that was a great adventure and one I want to write about but that’s for another time.

Back to Blighty in April, I came, with no plans of work or forward planning and whoosh back in full time work with a bread company before I know it. Now me being me, a wanderer with a purpose, I only want a 6 month contract as my inner Gypsy is itching to get back out travelling again but my bank manager and lack of funds dictate different. Maybe it was time for me to have a bit of good luck on the work front after the four years of complete tossers and judgemental people I had worked with but here I was thrown into a group of like minded, perverted, didn’t give a flying fook payroll people, whom accepted this vintage gal with open arms.

Originally based in Manchester and now relocated to the south, my new work adventures begin!

Having lived in a posh hotel for several months, all expenses paid , it time to move out and find a new gaff! Being on the commuter belt of that there London Town, rents are more than I ever paid for a mortgage and I am resorting to living in a house share. Now for those of you who know me well, sharing isn’t in my vocabulary or nature.  Off I pop to go view houses and within minutes of being shown around, I expect to become a statistic, murdered in my bed at night, wrapped in black bin bags and under a patio before the sun’s up! That was apparent at various houses, where live in (Dirty old men) landlords rubbed there thighs and licked there lips on opening the front door.


After lots of messages and web engine searches, I have come across a place filled to the rafters with professional gals, each has own bathroom, thank goodness, (another thing I don’t share) great landlord and in a nice area,

D Day approaches and glad to not have to live out of a car and transport my smalls and wears about the country like a vagabond any more, I move in, never having even seen any of them, I was a tad bit worried at what I had signed up for!

I shouldn’t have worried as they have turned out to be a grand bunch of Gals, a PE teacher with great legs, Politician, extremely attractive health worker, secretary and me the Oldest gal of the bunch!  Coming home at nights and being greeted by people and sitting around a table eating dinner is also a new concept for me. So far so good and loving the sisterhood. Each one cooks and cleans after themselves as well as (another bug bear for me is a dirty kitchen. Gosh I sound like a grumpy old lady). I have managed to get my part of the house looking like a pin up boudoir and apart form one of the gals coming in drunk at 3.30am this morning and banging and crashing around, alls going great.  One last thing i have to worry about is, lets see what happens when there are boyfriends and male suitors staying over! Ear plugs at the ready, me thinks???

Works great, as said before,  the peeps I work with are nuts like me and being the only Northerner  in the pack, lots of jokes and piss taking out of my accent and northern ways but (here goes, a bread reference) I will rise above it!

So here we go again, another adventure in another town for me. How long it will last, who knows but as always, I am going with the flow and letting life happen.

#livingthedream #newadventures #newpostcode #newlife


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