Luke Skywalker (the hamster) RIP

Today in the office, my work chum, told me her partner had killed her two gold fish, Harry and Paul last night, by accident of course!

This then reminded me of a time I was babysitting for my nephews, now must stop here and let you know, I am good at caring for little uns but do have a habit of disasters when looking after our kids (sister) little uns! One time, we had a waterfall in the kitchen and unable to locate the stopcock, had to call her at bingo and get her to return home. Not my fault, two big uns were messing in the bath upstairs!

Round two of babysitting, two of the wee ones, A and W were at home and A had just got a very cute dwarf hamster (name of new said hamster escapes me right now) but W had an old not so cute, slightly fatter hamster called Luke Skywalker. W was going through a star wars phase so every pet had a star wars name.

Now A and W are playing with new cute hamster and W tells me, Luke has a new cage, go look at it!

Off I toddle to find Luke has wedged himself between the bars and food holder with a broken back and thrashing around in agony! W then spots broke back Luke and starts to scream the house down. Here we go again, another bad baby sitting episode.

My only option is to cut luke out of the bars with a hack saw which had to be gotten from my boss who lived down the road. I had to send off poor W and A to go and explain why I needed a hack saw off my boss at gone 8pm at night!

Now being Buddhist,  killing anything is against my nature but seeing this poor creature in pain and agony, I had to man up and step up to the mark.  So here I was with crying little uns, trying to hack saw a poor hamster out of its cage like I was a magician cutting his assistant in half. Ta Darrr , Luke is free but still alive, next option put the poor beast out of its misery, I try to smother it by putting my fingers over it nose and mouth. Nope that didn’t work so in desperation, I put it in a Tupperware box with seal tight lid hoping it will suffocate.  In theory, its a good call but it takes ages to die and when it finally does, Sis and Hubby are home, kids are now crying again. W wants a funeral for Luke so we have to dig a hole in the garden, bury him and say a few words. Nice gesture but once W is back inside, our kid tells me, dig  it up as the cat from next door will get and and oh do I want it for my snake? Yes, I had scarlet the snake, a living prop in my burlesque act, who hated anything but white mice and Luke was multicoloured, I refused on these grounds and also that in years to come, had W found out I fed Luke to a snake, he may hate me or be scared for life.

Another successful NOT, babysitting evening completed but to add to my pain, Monday morning, my boss greeted me with “morning hamster killer”! Doh…………..


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