In a land far far away! Real love and romance is for Hollywood and fairy tales only!

Where are all the knights in shinning armour  where are all the princesses and queens?

Today, more than most days, I am surrounded by broken hearts and hopeful date’ees waiting to find love and happiness.

There are a multitude of sites out there offering love and companionship, yet in reality, its web cam chats and dirty talks behind computer screens with no intentions of meeting.

Now a million poets pen ditties of lost or unrequited love  but who are these poets and where is all this written love and desire they write about?

Do we want for too much theses days or are we aiming too high. We settle for a little attention off anyone rather than being strong but who wants to wait forever for the touch of another. There are no morals or monogamy any more,  people stray instead of fixing their problems or cutting ties and making fresh starts. We are all guilty of loving too much, not loving enough, getting complacent, ignoring responses for hope of  better ones. Sometimes we walk past without notice or swipe left instead of right for a prettier or more handsome face when deep down we are all looking for that special someone to make us feel great and wanted.


So as people prepare for that first date with hope and anticipation or others go home and cry into Ben and Jerry’s while watching a sad movie, I am told there are plenty of fish in the sea or hear of having to  kiss frogs, (lots of them) but when I was younger kissing frogs lead to warts, so no thanks.


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