For once it’s them not us!

The maddening plight of being a sexually voracious woman

This article caught my eye this morning and is a very interesting  read.

In the past i have have felt cursed in my  feelings  towards sex and my desires. A high sex drive has caused me to feel unusual and to quote a saying ” not normal”!

It’s true men are supposed to feel this way but women are not,   in my experiences,  it’s always been the other way round!

As I get older and meet more independent  women whom are equally  independent  and single, we all desire more sex than our male counterparts and as men grow older, they become sexually lazy.

I sometimes blame wives for this trend in lazy men,  but I shouldn’t as who wants to eat the same meal everyday for ever ? I believe  spice, excitement and variety is the key. Never grow complacent or stayed in your approach to sex. 

I am surrounded by women whom have the same urges and desires as myself. So from now on ladies, you know who you are,  don’t feel like it’s us not them, because in truth,  it is them.


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