Chasing sailors around Honolulu International Airport


One of Darling Dotties wishes in Hawaii was to meet a US Sailor in Rig!
We trawled Pearl Harbour and the best we could come up with was the Korean Navy. While aboard USS Missouri we got told about Rimpac.  Navy and Army galore , from every nation, decending on Pearl Harbour! Now we must be in luck then?
Nil, narda, nowt , zilch, closest we got was a US Marine getting in the lift at our hotel and Dottie misses him and I get whip lash turning to see him as she
waves her arms, in  attempt to get me off the phone with my beau to spy him! Must admit, did see the back of him as he disappeared  into the lift.
Oh we did bump into 2 British Naval officers in a jazz club but they turned out to be a couple and the give away was the four suitcases, one full of shoes and that one was touching the others knee!  Poor Dottie,  so near but yet so far… On the plus side, we did go out drinking with them and they called us “jack”!

Fast forward  to the end of holiday and us schlepping, hot and sweaty through Honolulu International Airport, eye spy with my little eye, Jolly Jack USA Navy boy in full tropicals!
“Get a hussle on Dottie ” as we chased him through arrivals and collar him for a photo. A polite young man,.who smelled lovely and called us Mam. Poor bugger, accepted being in a picture.
All the nice gals love a sailor….