12 years ago today, the love of my life, Sam, was taken from my life. Today marks the day I have been without Sam for the same amount of time I had him in my life. 

The last 12 years have seen ups and downs, good times, bad times, heartbreak, fun, frolics, travel, adventures, new friends, old friends, loss of people to death and personal choice but the in the main, me surviving and moving forward. 

So on this day, I am travelling up to a dance where the powers that be, saw favour to introduce me to the next love of my life. 

Matt has given  me the chance to love again and although things have been tough for us both in the last 12 months, we are committed to  being together and have found two like minded souls who are good apart but better together.  

We are on the way to the temple to pay our respects to Sam, before we go to our dance, I am a big believer  in fate and feel that Sam might have had a hand in bringing two loveless souls together a year ago on the anniversary  of his death. 

I never thought I would be blessed a second time,  to meet someone who makes me happy and loved but I have and who knows what the road ahead is going to be like but I will hold his hand, stand by his side as an equal and we will walk together in our new life.

Love you bub bub. X