Japan 2018, part 1.


As I ride the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto once again, I realise I am extremely lucky to be able to do this.

Some people spend all their lives wanting to do this but this is probably my 5th time doing the journey.

In tow with me this time is Matt and he’s loving it apart from the Japanese floor beds and having to drag his suitcase up and down stairs in train stations but it’s a small price to pay to be able to see all the things I have planned for us.

I have had a few travel companions in the past. Our Kid and Noppy, American Lara and our William.

William and I spent the week riding roller coasters and celebrating all things Harry Potter and Halloween.

My plans for Matt and I are samurai and castles.

We are on our way to go stay with my good friend Ayako and meet up with another good friend, Chiaki.

Our plans for the next leg are castles, dress up, vintage villages, karaoke, slightly camp ninja nights out, USJ and heading down to hiroshima with Matt as we are both WW2 and historic fans.

So for now I will sit back and enjoy the view as the countryside flys by at 250 miles an hour, I think.

Part two to follow…….. 🗾 🗻 ⛩️ #japan2018