Choo choo ca chew Mrs Robinson aka Miss Salt.

Gym membership was finally purchased on Friday a few days later than wanted, due to waking up a week ago with a stinking cold! Now what amazes me , with modern science, is why there is still no cure for colds? I have looked  and felt horrendous all week with streaming eyes and Rudolf red hooter  but on the plus side, I have been eating less and drinking less alcohol so I hope the spanx won’t be around for too long…….  Gym session later.

My realization that as April comes to an end, this is hopefully, going to be my last in the UK? Glad to be on countdown as I was insulted by the two people I work along side this week, one informs me “your not the same person on a Monday morning and forget everything you learnt the week before”. To which my reply was” pardon me but I have slept, drank and ate since I was last here”.  Person two, insulted me by saying “you are forgetful and stupid”, again my reply was “excuse me, I am menopausal and not youthful as I use to be”!!!!!! 
What I have not mentioned is:
1) I have only been with the company 4 months and been in Japan for one month, so officially I have been there three months.
2) Although taken on for one role, I have been put into two job roles and having to learn two sets of processes. 
3) At 6 weeks into the  two roles, redundancies were announced across the board, so not sure how long I have a job? Not making me feel secure.
4) Both people think they are infallible  and the company would collapse without them. Get a grip, no one is that great and shut up you martyr!
5) Don’t really give a f**k anymore and only there for the money.   Been in too many jobs now that didn’t work out and know there is better out there for me……

DD and I have been on count down for the weekend in Portsmouth. She has finally hired a gardener along side her cleaner and ironing lady so between us we are defo ladies with hired help…. I make no secret about having a cleaner and gardener. I confess to NOT being a domestic goddess, can’t cook don’t cook, hate housework and don’t get me started on gardening????? I become a docker with tourettes, the air is very blue, just hate gardening……
I can look like a 1950’s housewife but that’s where it all ends. In both DD’s and my defense, we both earn enough to pay these people and why  break a nail and into a sweat, if we don’t have too?

Getting closer to another birthday and sharing it with my nephew who will be 9 years old, got me thinking about what to do to celebrate the day?Its decided to take a small road trip, me, DD and little man are off to Harry Potter in Watford…..  If its good enough for Kate, Wills and Harry, well, its good enough for us!

2013’s diary is getting full as as I already have a  few weekends away with DD and the vintage crew booked. Additionally, I am also being taken away by a younger male friend to a fabbie hotel in the big smoke soon. There is the promise of fine wine, free mucky movies and maybe finding my mojo……… just being in the company of a handsome gent for a night away would make this old gal happy! Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of male friends, all whom I adore, love and get cuddles and kisses off  but I do have two younger men who are in my life and have been here for a while but due to distance, careers and just life in general, we don’t see each other that much. So here’s to you Mrs Robinson aka Miss Salt, go have a fun time…………..