My ex narc….

Narcissists are 3 year-olds trapped in an adult’s body. They lack the necessary epuipment to form functioning relationships: empathy, attachment, honesty, integrity, emotional bonding, and selflessness.

The emptiness howling inside every Narcissist compels them to search constantly for “the next best thing.” This is the only thing that saves (momentarily) the Narcissist from being confronted with the unrelenting shame and self-hatred they carry.

Check the signs… They are very apparent in your relationship?

I have put up with 5 years of lies, moods, lazyness, deceit, other women, tears, his tantrums, having to be the adult, being the bread winner, the bank, the cleaner, travel agent, home maker and much more.

It’s now over and it’s no contact for me to this sorry fat lazy ass of a slob.

I am now being slated , slandered and branded the baddy on social media and to whomever will listen and respond. So for now, I am playing poker with him for assets and personal effects. You thought you were better than me but you know what, your not. This grade A supply is better, smarter and will have my day. You will move to the next and good luck to her. You in the end will end up alone, lonely and depressed. All I can say is roll on that day. I am not sorry I left you, you deserved it. Too many chances wasted and fool me for giving you them.

Now off you pop, the door is right in front of you, don’t let it hit you on the way out.

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